2014-2015 Fees

Following is an estimate of per player expenses for the 2014-2015 soccer season.  These numbers are based on a 17-player roster, however the team may ultimately carry between 16 and 18 players which will affect the estimates accordingly.  In addition to final team size, exact amounts are likely to vary due to factors such as the number of State Cup games the team plays, the number of winter friendlies, and the entry fees of some tournaments. The figures below reflect anticipated maximums.

Also please note that lodging for tournaments is not included in this budget, but we will do everything we can to minimize this expense by room-sharing, game scheduling, etc.

Fall and winter payments will each be about 1/3 of the estimated $866 in non-Stoddert, non-uniform fees listed below, or approximately $292. The spring payment will be adjusted to reflect actual expenses incurred over the course of the year.

All fees noted below are per player

DC Stoddert Fees

  • Fall, $800
  • Spring, $800

Covers league fees, coaches pay, two practice sessions per week during the fall & spring seasons To be paid directly to DC Stoddert

New Uniform (if required) To be paid directly to uniform vendor $250
Following expenses to be paid in fall, winter and spring assessments to the Team Treasurer, Wendy Jacobson (Matthew Smee’s mom)
Pre-season training $74
Tournament entry fees $246
Tournament coaching fees $184
Tournament lodging fees for coach $44
Coaching fees for winter training and friendlies $238
Spring season third weekly practice $74
Team administrative costs $6
Total estimated per player fees, above Stoddert Club fees + uniform costs $866
Total estimated amount per player per year $2,716

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