Team Policy

Players’ Rules

  • Players must bring a soccer ball and water to every practice.
  • Players must arrive 45 minutes before games ready to play (cleats and shin guards must be on).
  • No player will  be allowed to practice or play games without shin guards or soccer shoes.
  • All the players must wear red jersey or red T-shirts at the team training sessions.
  • Unexcused absence during weekly training sessions may result in the player not playing, or not getting enough playing time in his team’s game that weekend.
  • Team practices and games must take precedence over all other non-school or religious activities.
  • All players must be willing to play different positions if necessary, and follow the assignments given by the coach.
  • Players should warm up together at the beginning of the practices and games in case the coach is not present for a conflict (examples: keep away, passing in groups, etc.).
  • To make sure players are in good shape, there will be no sleep over; players must go to bed early before the night of the game (no later than 9 pm).
  • Every player must work hard at the practices and games in order to earn the starting position and the playing time.
  • Players are not allowed to play recreational games if there is a conflict with travel games.
  • Players should display self-control in all situations. Never use foul or abusive language before, during, or after a game or training session.
  • Players must respect the opponent and the referee. Never dispute his or her decisions.
  • If a player cannot make a practice or game for a reasonable reason, parents must contact the coach ahead of time via telephone or email.
  • If a player is invited to play a tournament, a friendly game, or ODP, the coach should be notified.
  •  If a player decides to leave the team for whatever reason, the coach should be notified ahead of time. (At least 1 month).
  • An injured player who is able to walk is required to attend practice session and league games. Watching and listening is equally important as physically participating.
  • Players will not be allowed to wear or carry hats, clothing outside of soccer apparel, radios, iPod or other music players, necklaces, bracelets, unauthorized footwear, and cell phones during the practices or games.

Playing Time

Playing time is not guaranteed. Players should compete fairly against each other during the practice sessions in order to earn their starting position and playing time. The playing time is based on the factors below. Keep in mind that on weekdays, the coach looks for the benefit of the individual players, on the weekend, the coach looks for the benefit of the team.

  • The player’s performance at the practices
  • The player’s performance at the games
  • A player not playing at his full capability (not giving 100%)
  • The player’s readiness
  • The player who just came back  from an injury
  • The player’s commitment
  • The tactical changes during the games

The team’s Head Coach and or Age Group Director reserves the right to reassign any player to a different level within the teams who displays a lack of interest towards the team’s training session(s), league or non-league games and scrimmages.  Other players are looking for the opportunity to play on competitive travel teams.  If a player does not show the interest in being on the team then the opportunity will be given to other players.

Parents’ Rules

  • No instructions from the parents’ side line during the practices or games. Please avoid giving coaching instructions or criticizing your child or any other player on the team. There is only one coach on the team.
  •  If a player gets injured during the game, parents cannot interrupt and get in the field.
  • Parents should not warm up the players during the games or practices.
  • Parents should attend every meeting and read emails to make sure they don’t miss any team information
  • Parents must read important communication from the team and the club and report any child injury to the coaches after the practice or game/
  • Parents should respect the referee’s decisions, and should not talk to them before or after the games.
  • Parents should refrain from interfering in the coaching method and style.

Rainy Day Weather Policy

The team shall practice RAIN or SHINE.  If practice is not officially canceled by the coach or team managers, then everyone is expected to report to training as scheduled.  It is the coach’s intention to practice when appropriate and he shall consider all weather conditions in determining whether practices shall continue or be cancelled.  The coach shall follow club policies when determining weather conditions.  If you do not hear from a team representative about a canceled practice you are required to show up as scheduled.  Failing to do so shall result in an unexcused absence from practice.

Mohamed Bennani
The  Metros head coach
U13/U14/U15 Age group director
DC Stoddert Soccer Club
(202) 285 2788